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Episode 5

Holy S#%T



10  •  Lake of the Woods

11  •  Unconfirmed

12  •  Gone Girl


Everything changes after an unexpected turn of events. At a loss for words, only two come to mind…


The job right now, is to find out what happened to Adea, it’s still the job, right? And this fucking coward doesn’t want to face the consequences for what he did.

Neil Strauss, Journalist/Host


She told him she was going to do this. And ruined his life, and she did.

Mary, Chris Spotz’s Fiance



Neil-VO: Why are we drawn to people who are bad for us?

Marnie Breecker: The answer essentially in a nutshell is, why are we drawn to potential partners who would be unavailable? And that’s because generally, most people are drawn to people who remind us of one of our parents. And so love addicts who didn’t receive love from the opposite sex parent typically, subconsciously they will try to get that void filled from their adult partners.

Neil-VO: I’m speaking with Marnie Breecker a licensed marriage and family therapist, and the founder of the center for relational healing. We’re discussing an addiction that may play a part in Adea’s disappearance. An addiction to the most intoxicating drug of all; love.

Marnie Breecker: Often times people are putting up with really awful behaviors, abuse, manipulation. They’re clinging to relationships and begging essentially to stay in a toxic relationship when really what would be the most healthy for that person would be to leave. And so often this kind of abuse that you’re talking about and creates that high, or that fix that a love addict is just constantly needing.

Neil Strauss: Like it’s not love if it’s not dramatic.

Marnie Breecker: Correct, and yeah the fix of love addiction is not love, it’s as real as a drug addiction, alcohol or gambling. It affects the brain in the same way. Love addiction truly takes people to a horrible, horrible place.

Neil Strauss: Can love addiction lead someone to suicide, or to kill someone else?

Marnie Breecker: Yes, I would say yes. They literally rely on others to fulfill them and to make them feel happy and whole. So that when that, that love object is taken away from them, they fall apart. They can’t handle it.

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Neil-VO: Chapter 10: Lake of the Woods.

Jayden: Currently they’ve got cellphone pings that show that Chris stopped at that location for like 40 minutes.

Neil-VO: After Chris picked up Adea on the day she disappeared, police believe that he stopped 75 miles north of Los Angeles at a remote location called Lake of the Woods. As I research online, I find that the area is part of the US national forest, and is surrounded by mountains. It’s not the type of place you find accidentally, it’s not a known tourist destination. And let’s face it, it’s a very suspicious detour considering the circumstances.

Jayden: So I think that they feel like that was a location where there was a possible body disposal. Jives with what Chris Merez is saying, he says, and I’m sure he said the same thing to LAPD that Chris arrived alone, so I think that’s what’s going on right now.

Neil Strauss: Oh my God have you told Nora yet?

Jayden: No. I just got off the phone with LAPD just now.

Neil-VO: This is the first time there’s been any lead on a possible location for Adea. Up to this point, we’ve all been operating on a hope of finding Adea alive. And while that’s still the desired outcome, we’re now faced with the reality that the LAPD is actually looking for a body.

Neil Strauss: But didn’t Chris return to his dad’s house like two weeks ago, or something like that?

Jayden: Yeah that’s what he said, so I think we should probably, next time I talk to LAPD I will mention that to them and see if they can collaborate that with the pings, or if they have him stopping at that same location maybe two weeks later.

Neil Strauss: Yeah maybe he went back and like he’s worried he left something there, or moved her, or did something. I mean people … like do people return to the scene of the crime?

Jayden: Oh they do, I mean if nothing more than to just to put eyes on it, I think maybe not to move anything or do anything, but just to see it, just to see that it’s still undisturbed. I think for somebody like him that might have for peace of mind, I guess.

Neil Strauss: Where do we think he is now? I guess it’s LA, Northern California, Colorado.
Jayden: Those are the three areas of interest, I mean he’s got to be somewhere around there. And one thing we know is that if he’s back in LA, he’s not in his and in Mary’s apartment. We’ve had units there pretty consistently.

Neil Strauss: And you’ve been watching his friend’s place too, right?

Jayden: Correct.

Neil-VO: Based on Chris’ movements he would have passed by lake of the woods, where the police are now searching, at least three times. Jayden calls the police, and asks them if they can check Chris’ pings from that second trip to the area. He then calls me back a few hours later.

Jayden: Hey there, so I mean, you’re not going to believe this, I talked to the LAPD. They’re telling me that pings do indicate, as we suspected that he went back to that same location. That, I mean, I thought that they were … I was led to believe that surveillance was on him, obviously not. We’re talking about two weeks later, if he actually went back to the same location, that could have been it right there.

Neil-VO: If these cellphone pings tell the full story, it seems likely that Chris drove 16 miles off the five freeway. And not just once, but twice. The first time, staying for approximately 40 minutes, which is enough time to dispose of a body. The frustrating part is that not only are the police just now piecing this together, but it appears that they have lost track of Chris in the process.

Neil-VO: Early the next morning Jayden calls with even more frustrating news.

Jayden: Nora was so upset yesterday, like when I called her.

Neil Strauss: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jayden: Because she’s like, I’m so upset that the police called to ask what the password for the laptop is. And she was just like, “I’m so upset I can’t believe that they haven’t looked at the computer yet. They’re so incompetent. We gave them the password. It’s just fucking ridiculous.”

Neil-VO: The reason Jayden so bent out of shape, is because the laptop is a key piece of evidence. Someone was on that computer in Adea’s apartment possibly deleting data after she disappeared. Jayden goes on to tell me that he also just received a missed call on his phone surprisingly, from Chris’ attorney.

Jayden: So she didn’t leave a message, but I’ll be calling her back, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page.

Neil-VO: We assume that Chris’ attorney is telling Jayden to back off because he’s been reaching out to everyone in Chris’ inner circle trying to find him. Jayden’s already reached out to Chris’ fiance Mary, who told Jayden not to contact her and who hasn’t spoken to anyone. Chris’ mom completely Jayden off when he flew all the way to Colorado to track down Chris. There seemed to be roadblocks at every turn when trying to find Chris. Which makes this call from his attorney that much more interesting.

Neil-VO: As I wait for Jayden to call back with an update, I start tackling another mystery. How can we start to get more information on Chris? Alex, who works with me stops by to help me figure this out. You know what, does he have a cut on his face?

Alex: Who?

Neil Strauss: Chris, in that … have you seen Chris’ Spotz’s profile?

Alex: Yes like of his acting thing?
Neil Strauss: No go to his Facebook profile, see he has a cut on his face.

Alex: Yeah he got like on the old wartime hat.

Neil Strauss: Oh it’s an acting thing.

Alex: Part of his acting.

Neil Strauss: Okay. Let’s see if Jayden responded, he’s probably on the phone with the lawyer. We’re in this that’s thick it ought to be good. Do me a favor would you capture-

Alex: I downloaded all his videos off YouTube.

Neil Strauss: Oh good thanks. Hey Jay I’m going to call you from the landline.

Jayden: Yeah you need to record this.

Neil Strauss: Okay shit, okay. Get ready it’s going about to go down.

Neil-VO: Chapter 11: Unconfirmed.

Neil Strauss: Okay what happened?
Jayden: So she called and-

Neil-VO: The she that Jayden is referring to, is Chris’ attorney.

Jayden: Yeah and this is unconfirmed so, this is unconfirmed. But she called me and she wanted me to know, she said, “First of all I want you to know, that what I told you is everything I know. That it’s everything that Chris told me, and that is what I believe to be accurate. I don’t know anymore. I didn’t know anymore but, Chris was stopped, a traffic stop today by law enforcement and killed himself.”

Neil Strauss: Holy shit.

Jayden: So this is unconfirmed.

Neil Strauss: Okay, let’s look into this right now.

Jayden: Well there’s nothing I can … I’ve put out every message I can, I don’t even know, she said that she doesn’t know where it was. He was on his way back from Colorado, she thinks it was in San Bernardino, but she doesn’t know. Now that doesn’t really make a super, super amount of sense. That it’s San Bernardino, but one of my buddies at the sheriff’s department reminded me that San Bernardino county sheriff covers all the way out to Los Vegas so if they were … if he was coming down the 15, back the Reno route, then it is possible that, that’s where he was at.

Neil Strauss: What, holy shit man, holy shit. What do we do about … okay. What do we do about Nora the mom? Do we wait till me confirm this?

Jayden: I wouldn’t want to tell her that right now.

Neil Strauss: Holy shit.

Jayden: Listen the only reason she called me to tell me that is to cover her ass.

Neil Strauss: Cover her ass in what way?

Jayden: Because all she told me was, listen, I want you to know that all that I knew was what he told me. Because she knows that he’s now obviously guilty.

Neil Strauss: Right.

Jayden: And his story was a lie and she was out there selling a lie. Her point in calling me, like literally the first thing she said, “Was I want you to know that everything that he said to me, or everything that I told you, was everything that he told me.” And she repeated that like twice. So that was definitely her intention was to … was that.

Neil Strauss: Okay, so I think … what’s our next phone call then, do you want to research this? Do you want to call the police? Do you want to text the police while we stay on the phone?
Jayden: I mean I have already contacted … like depending on when it happened it will come through the justice department information center everything like that-

Neil Strauss: Right. But listen, as investigators, this is the time now to find out what happened including calling like, I think, I think I can just freaking call Mary. And the press are going to be calling anyway, I can just call Mary I won’t tell her, obvious they have calling-

Jayden: I mean but okay, but I mean this, I’m telling you this is unconfirmed. This is from an attorney, this from his attorney. This is unconfirmed. I have no other sources on this information. She could have gotten it as a rumor for all I know. I have no idea.

Neil Strauss: And she didn’t even know where the traffic stop was?

Jayden: No she said that she thinks it was somewhere in San Bernardino. I mean, I’m fine, I just you’re telling-

Alex: That’s it?

Neil Strauss: Hold on we’re googling this now. I think we might have found it. Hold on, man possibly linked to LA county homicide kills himself in Corona at end of pursuit.

Jayden: When?

Neil Strauss: The Caucasian male adult. This was this morning at like, well let’s see … last night. It was pursuing… at 2:45 pm Thursday. Pursing a stolen … deputies were pursing a stolen Toyota Tacoma pick-up south on the 15th freeway.

Jayden: That’s fucking him.

Neil Strauss: The truck made then connected to homicide in Los Angeles county officials-

Jayden: That’s him, okay. That’s him.

Neil-VO: Chapter 12: Gone Girl.

Neil Strauss: The job right now, is to find out what happened to Adea, it’s still the job, right? And this fucking coward who doesn’t want to face the consequences for what he did. Like now, it’s time to like, just shake the fucking trees, I don’t care let’s call the dad, he’s guilty now. Let’s ask the dad where the guy fucking hiked while this is going on. You call and say listen, “I’m so sorry this tragedy happened to your son. I’m angry this happened because it really tells us the rest of the story. Right now, let’s put this … have something positive come out of this for Adea’s family.”

Neil Strauss: I don’t care let’s call him. You know, he knows. He knows, right? What do you think? And then we should then or-

Jayden: Look I don’t care, yes.

Neil Strauss: Yeah, okay.

Jayden: And should I call Nora or should I go to Nora?

Neil Strauss: I think let’s call the dad. I think dad, Mary, Nora. What do you think, or should we call Nora first?

Jayden: I mean we should call dad. Or no way Mary talks to us-

Neil Strauss: No way Mary talks to us. Let’s call the dad, then let’s call Nora. Okay and you want me to call you back …

Neil-VO: I have a very short window to get in touch with as many as of Chris’ friends and family as possible. Hoping that just maybe Chris told the truth to someone. Once the police reveal to the media that the suicide victim in the truck is Chris Spotz, and he is then associated with missing person Adea Shabani, the media’s going to explode all over this. And they’ll be calling every person who’s ever been associated with Chris.

Neil-VO: It’s important to keep in mind that no one in Chris’ inner circle, outside of his father, has cooperated with the police. So the first call I make is to his father Chris Merez. He’s obviously in a lot of pain right now, but maybe he can bring some peace to this other family that’s also suffering.

Chris Merez VM: This is Chris if you’d like to leave a message do so and I’ll get back to you. And have a blessed day.

Neil-VO: Our first two calls are not successful. Chris’ dad doesn’t answer, nor does Adea’s mom, Nora.

Jayden: She didn’t answer. He says don’t wait, Kaiser just texted me. Mother fucker, you know, I mean, fuck. He says don’t mention it to Nora.

Neil Strauss: Who said that?

Jayden: Don’t mention it, I’m meeting Nora, I need to explain a few things.

Neil Strauss: Who said that?

Jayden: Kaiser.

Neil Strauss: Who’s Kaiser?

Jayden: The detective.

Neil-VO: While Jayden works out his differences with the police, the next person I call in the short window of time, is Chris’ best friend Bryan. Who’s apartment I was staking out, while Chris was supposedly staying there. To protect his identity, I’ve distorted his voice here.

Neil Strauss: Okay cool I’ll call his phone and then I’ll keep you on the phone.

Jayden: All right.

Neil Strauss: And then meantime…

Jayden: So you’re keep, wait you’re keep on the-
Neil Strauss: Yeah, I’ll keep you on the phone, do you want to hear it? You probably want to hear it if he talks.

Jayden: Oh good, yeah, yeah it’s fine, I’ll mute it now. I’ll mute it out.

Neil Strauss: All right here we go.

Bryan: Hello.

Neil Strauss: Oh hey [Bryan].

Bryan: Yes.

Neil Strauss: Yeah this is Neil Strauss I’m doing a story on Adea Shabani, and was looking into Chris your friend who you grew up with.

Bryan: Yeah.

Neil Strauss: And I’m not sure if you heard any news from the last 24 hours at all?

Bryan: Yes I’ve heard some news.

Neil Strauss: Yeah okay, and I’m sorry then. I’m sorry and if you have a couple of moments I think, and how much did you know about everything that had happened before hand? I mean that you were close and.

Bryan: Listen I don’t know-

Neil-VO: He continues giving short vague answers, and it’s clear he doesn’t want to talk or cooperate.

Bryan: Yes I mean, if you to ahead and tell me what’s going on.

Neil Strauss: So I’ll tell you what I kind of know and maybe you can share the rest with me. And obviously, I know you’re friends with Chris, I know you know about Adea and Mary, I know you guys are each other’s closest friends, correct? So I don’t need to fill you on that, correct?

Bryan: I don’t know man, I don’t know what you’re talking about-
Neil Strauss: Do you not know what I’m talking about? I’m sorry I might assume you know more than you know. Do you know what I’m talking about at all?

Bryan: Look man, I have a good rest of your day, thanks for your time.

Neil-VO: He hangs up on me.

Neil Strauss: Dude I’ve never done that before, I’ve never like called somebody who’s-

Alex: Who’s just lost somebody, who is then accused of murder?

Neil Strauss: Yeah.

Alex: I don’t think anybody has.

Neil-VO: I realize immediately afterward that I made a crucial mistake with Bryan. I was so focused on finding Adea, that I didn’t stop to think about what Bryan was really going through having lost a best friend so suddenly. And I’ve made a lot of assumptions, I’ve been assuming that Bryan knows something, and maybe involved in some way. I’ve been assuming that Mary knows something, and maybe involved.

Neil-VO: I’ve been assuming even that Chris is guilty because his behavior is so suspicious. It’s probably an understatement to even describe his behavior as suspicious, it’s more than that. But there’s no actual proof that Chris is responsible. And if there was proof, Chris wouldn’t, presumably, had been permitted to run around free for month without getting arrested, or even taken in for questioning.

Neil-VO: So I try to set aside my presumptions and judgments, and realize that Chris’ friends and his family are suffering as well. And Mary, even if she was involved, even if she knows where Adea is, even if it was her that was in Adea’s apartment that night, is still probably experiencing the worst day of her life.

Neil Strauss: Was the Tacoma he was driving in Mary’s car?

Jayden: Yes.

Neil Strauss: So she must have reported it stolen?

Jayden: Yes. That’s why I told you, I said if she doesn’t report it stolen then she was involved. I mean because otherwise she’s an idiot, she’s aiding and abetting a homicide suspect.

Neil Strauss: Should I reach out to Mary cold, or just fucking let her be, she probably won’t talk to me. I mean the press is going to reach out anyway, I mean I might as well, reach out to her now, what do you think?

Jayden: Yeah just go ahead.

Neil Strauss: Will you text me her number?

Jayden: Can I just give you her number?
Neil Strauss: Yeah just give me her number.

Jayden: All right 919-

Neil Strauss: Okay, okay.

Jayden: All right sounds good.

Neil Strauss: Thanks Jayden.

Mary: Hello.

Neil Strauss: Hey Mary?

Mary: Hello.

Neil Strauss: Oh hey Mary, this is Neil Strauss, I’m sorry to bother you at this time, but I’m doing a piece on Chris and everything that’s happened, and again I’m so sorry to bother you right now.

Mary: Is this gonna be a good piece or is this gonna smear him?

Neil Strauss: It’s going to say everything that happened, if it’s a good piece, and it’s good stuff please tell me good stuff.

Mary: He was amazing. He really was a beautiful man. Such a beautiful soul. Everybody who came in contact with him loved him, everyone. He said, he was dedicated and driven, and full of love. Then unfortunately, he seemed to be a victim of a witch hunt.

Neil Strauss: What were they saying that wasn’t true and what’s the truth, and I’m so sorry.

Mary: Honestly, they just never know what they were saying was just find this missing person. It wasn’t just … to turn to Chris to pin something on him. And he’s not that kind of man. It sounds like they had his license plate on a list in both Colorado and California.

Neil Strauss: You know, I’m so glad I’m talking to because I thought that was your car, so I thought maybe you had reported it missing. They had and APB out for it.

Mary: No. No his name is on the truck.

Neil Strauss: Wow.

Mary: His name is on the truck. It wasn’t stolen. Both of our names are on it. That’s why they because, they also told me that it was a routine traffic stop, but you don’t have your guns drawn with a routine traffic stop. No we’ve been getting harassed by police officers, having investigators and then girl’s family, for…at least now, they would tell me that Chris is not in any trouble. He’s not a suspect, his not … they just want to talk to him.

Mary: But people you just want to talk to, you don’t send search warrants for. You don’t put their wife’s and their car on a list for her to … in two different states.

Neil Strauss: And then why did he have gun because he scared of … like he was I scared I guess, of her family.

Mary: Yes, she, her father I guess has connections through the Macedonian mafia. And it sounds like they completely disregarded that. Like there’s a reason he wasn’t in California and police confirmed it through separate resources that her father has ties to the Macedonian mafia.

Neil Strauss: I just don’t understand why he didn’t just let himself be pulled over, what do you think happened?

Mary: Because he was … one he was just afraid of the police officers. You know this happens all the time. It wasn’t who … don’t care what they want, just accuse, and accuse or do something like that. And she told them that she was going to do this to him.

Neil Strauss: What did she say?

Mary: She told him that she, I quote, “to gone girl herself.”

Neil Strauss: To what herself?

Mary: Gone Girl, like the movie. That he’s gone after him, since the last time he tried to break up with her, she went after him with a knife. Running up and down her hallway.

Neil Strauss: Yeah this was like about a week before she disappeared, right? I heard that she had cuts on her hand from a knife.

Mary: Yes.

Neil Strauss: And did he have cuts as well?

Mary: That is true.

Neil Strauss: Did have cuts … he had cuts as well?

Mary: Yes he did. He had cuts on his hand, like he was … She told them that she was going to bring her Macedonian friends in the apparent. So he must have reported it. And LA police department is corrupt. He was afraid that there would connections there and he would just be a sitting duck.

Neil Strauss: So you never tried to go to the police for protection, or even just get a bodyguard or something?

Mary: No, because they kept coming after him.

Neil Strauss: I know for a fact that what you’re saying is correct that they did try to break-up and that something happened with a knife.

Mary: She was actually, at our apartment complex, that Monday that incident happened. She threatened him to like commit suicide in front of our building.

Neil Strauss: And did you see her in front of the building?

Mary: I didn’t, but there’s footage. I had the apartment … our apartment manager sold that footage that she was on that.

Neil Strauss: And what happened?

Mary: Like they’re making her to be such a saint, and she is not. The police just want a pans … they wanted to pin this on him.

Neil Strauss: So when she was at your apartment, was that the morning that she disappeared, she came to your apartment first?

Mary: No. This was the Sunday before, and the Monday before.

Neil Strauss: Yeah and I think she was trying to tell you, or something, but you already knew by Sunday.

Mary: Yes, and so she had no more power, so she told him she was going to do this. And ruined his life, and she did.

Neil Strauss: Would be helpful if you were be able to share what he’d shared, what would you tell them about the last time you saw her, or is that not … is that something you’d rather not know?

Mary: Yes, yes please.

Neil Strauss: He had said that, through his lawyer, he had said he was going to Magic Mountain that he got in a fight, and she’d gotten out of the car, I think in Santa Clarita. I believe what he had told them.

Mary: Yes. I think that’s about right, I also know that she was hitting him. Like she was hitting him to pull over and turn and get him to crash.

Neil Strauss: Wow. Here’s the one thing I’m confused about it, maybe you can clarify to me, is that they had signed a lease to move in together?

Mary: He was, since the application because she kept threatening him. He said it was weeks and weeks of her threatening him. She filled the application, she just emailed it to him a few times she’d take it to him. He had no intention of moving in. But I guess she kept threatening him and it was just the application. He was making plans with me.

Neil Strauss: Was making plans with you?

Mary: We were going to leave LA for a while.

Neil Strauss: And had you guys, and I know this probably the hardest question I’m going to ask, but were you guys planning to get married like this year, or soon?

Mary: We didn’t have any plans, you know, with for us … you know it’s hard to be very sick. We didn’t move in together for … we were enjoying our relationship.

Neil Strauss: You guys were just staying at hotels and friends houses, is that where you guys were just staying every night somewhere different or?

Mary: For probably, a week or so and then we left California for a while. For a few weeks.

Neil Strauss: And oh yeah, where was he driving back from. Where had he…

Mary: He was coming back home to me.

Neil Strauss: From Colorado?

Mary: Yes, yes he was just two hours away.

Neil Strauss: Oh my god, oh my god, I’m so sorry. This is probably the other hard question to ask, when he told you what was going on, I guess you maybe already knew, or were you upset with him, when he told you what was going on, or upset with?

Mary: I had an idea. I think I knew, I just didn’t want to believe it, I guess. I don’t know.

Neil Strauss: And the other thing, I don’t know if she was pregnant or saying she was pregnant?

Mary: She was not.

Neil Strauss: Yeah, yeah. It didn’t ring true that this is what really happened. And then I’ll let you go is there anything else that I should know about Chris?

Mary: Wait, where did you get all this information from?

Neil Strauss: Oh, I’m a writer reporter, and I just basically talk to everybody and try to find out the truth.

Mary: He was really a good man.

Neil Strauss: I’m going to text you, this is my landline and I’m going to text for my cell number so if you have add, or you have any questions, you can feel free to ask me along the way, okay.

Mary: Thank you.

Neil Strauss: Oh and thank you again for time, okay thank you Mary okay bye-bye.

Neil Strauss: Holy shit, I kind of have the chills. Poor girl.

Neil Strauss: You’ve got sense of actually going to see him.

Jayden: Hey man.
Neil Strauss: Hey man, I just talked to Mary for how long, Alex?

Alex: 38 minutes.

Neil Strauss: For 38 minutes. I just realize that you just forget, when you’re doing this that somebody’s friends, really believe in them. And oh my god, yeah she is really crying the whole time, but she really like opened up about everything. I got really choked up talking to her because this poor girls. So about five weeks ago Chris told her he was cheating with this other person. She really thinks that she’s been stalking him, she’s been harassing him. He would try to get out of scenes and she’d talk to the teachers and make him stay in the scenes. Then about …

Neil-VO: What’s most surprising about this, is that Mary seems to know a lot about Chris and Adea’s relationship. And she knew them before Adea disappeared. So this invalidates the theory that Chris did something to Adea in order to cover up their affair. It also does seem true from talking to Mary, that Chris may have actually been on the run because he was scared of Adea’s family. And by the way, if true, it would actually be the Albanian mafia, not the Macedonian mafia, since Adea’s family is Albanian but living in Macedonia.

Neil-VO: It’s also interesting to see Mary’s different picture of Adea, or at least the picture that was painted for her. Of Adea outside her and Chris’ apartment threatening to kill herself. And also Adea treating to gone girl herself. Gone girl of course is a book and also a David Fincher movie about a woman who fakes her own death in an attempt to get her husband convicted of murder.

Neil-VO: I can’t be sure of anything right now, but it really does seem like Mary is being sincere and truthful, and that a lot of the conjecture about her maybe just that, conjecture.

Neil Strauss: I probably should have talked to her longer, I probably could have figured out all the movements, but I just felt like I couldn’t … I just felt bad keeping her on the phone.

Jayden: Well may be that’s good because you had an initial thing, and then you can re approach-

Neil-VO: While I’ve been on the phone with Mary, Alex has been searching through social media looking for more information. And he may have found something.

Alex: It’s already started to get posts on social media.

Neil Strauss: It is?

Alex: Yep.

Neil Strauss: What is it saying?

Alex: It’s really hard, Chris you were amazing, and this was two hours ago. But the weird part is this, this guy says, “Call me bro, you should know his last days was stories of times… So he must have been with this dude the last couple of days.

Neil Strauss: Yeah.

Alex: This Chance, you know who a Chance? His probably worth talking to?

Neil Strauss: Yep and I’m going to find out right now.

Alex: Fort Morgan in Colorado, sounds right this is where he’s from, right?

Neil Strauss: Yep. And do you have his phone number?

Alex: I’m trying to find it.

Neil Strauss: I guess I’ll just reach out to his Facebook if not.

Neil-VO: Chance just may be the key we’ve been looking for, if he’s friends with Chris, and was with him in his last moments, maybe Chris made a last minute confession to him. So I write to him on Facebook. So I’m starting, Chance, sorry to hear about Chris, can you please call me as soon as possible. Here’s my phone number, I’m working on a piece on all this. It would be great to get your memories of him. Thanks so much, Neil.

Neil-VO: Next time on to Live and die in LA.
Neil Strauss: Like, and again I just found out this morning. I don’t know if you knew last night?

Chance: Yeah I was with him bro, I was with him the whole time.

Neil Strauss: Holy shit dude, I’m sorry man, I’m sorry.

Chance: Like this story needs to be told dude. This was the point bro that we had to throw away pistols. To just go and tie him up and fucking get him to tell the truth.

Neil Strauss: This is To Live and Die in LA which has been a production of Tenderfoot TV and myself, in conjunction with Cadence 13. The executive producers were myself, Donald Albright and Payne Lindsey, the producers were Alex Vespestad and Mike Rooney. Our theme song is Love and War by Flurry, and the original music and score are on make-up and vanity set.

Neil-VO: Before I go out with this I want to say a couple of things, which is, if you or someone you know is talking about toying with, discussing, hinting at suicidal ideation, about ending it all, call right away, the suicide prevention hotline. Don’t think you can help them yourself if you’re not qualified. It’s 1800-273-8255. If love addiction, or sex addiction are issues for you. If toxic relationships are a problem, there are organizations that deal with this.

Neil-VO: Helping you into a community where a lot of people start, at co-dependents anonymous, which is, or sex and love addicts anonymous. Which is or If you have any questions, comments or tips about this case, you can email us at, or call us at 213-204-2073. Thank you for listening and thank you for your support.

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